Mystery Shoppers Needed in Lethbridge, AB

Mystery shoppers in a mall

Get Paid to Shop & Dine

Evaluate & comment on customer service in retail stores, restaurants & various services in Lethbridge.

Get paid for your opinion - and enjoy free meals, free merchandise & free services.

Open to Canadian residents 18 and older. No experience required.

Mystery Shopping in Lethbridge

As a mystery shopper, your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of stores, restaurants and services in your area.

Hundreds of retail operations in and around Lethbridge are eagerly seeking new mystery shoppers to rate the service of their locations. All you have to do is spend a little time in their establishments then give your opinion of the service and you’ll be paid for your input.

Mystery shopper jobs range from retail stores and restaurants of every kind - to service, entertainment and hospitality-based operations such as movie theatres, grocery stores, gas stations, day spas, pizza delivery, hotels and much more.

You’ll be paid to shop and dine out - plus you can also get free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment and more. Secret shopping offers great pay, fun work and flexible schedules. No previous experience is required.

Interested in getting paid to shop?

Mystery Shopping Providers Canada can get you started. We specialize in connecting new shoppers with mystery shopping jobs in Lethbridge and area. Sign up today and you could be getting paid to shop and dine out tomorrow! Visit the link below to learn more.

Park Place - Lethbridge

A leading destination for mystery shoppers in Lethbridge - Park Place is also the largest mall in town, hosting more than 100 great retailers and services.

A robust economy and a rapid increase in population has made Lethbridge, Alberta one of the province’s fastest growing cities. With a population quickly surpassing 85,000, Lethbridge has lots to brag about beyond being the 4th largest city in the province and the home of the world’s largest trestle bridge. The city is the financial, transportation, industrial and shopping centre of southern Alberta.

Mystery shopping is a healthy business in Lethbridge and mystery shopper jobs are always numerous. Shoppers in the Lethbridge area can take part in a great variety of fun and exciting shopping and dining possibilities in great shopping centres like Park Place Mall, Centre Village Mall, Lethbridge Centre, Southview Shopping Centre, West Village Mall - or any of the many modern power centres throughout town like the Smart Centres or First Pro Lethbridge.

For those wanting to get paid to dine, Lethbridge has a lot to offer. The city is loaded with superb restaurants that cater to every taste and mood from casual bistros to upscale cuisine to fun franchised eateries to countless fast food operations. Each category of dining establishment presents numerous mystery shopping opportunities.

Not to mention the wide and varied selection of fine services and entertainment options the city provides. With Southern Alberta’s best shopping and dining destinations all at hand, Lethbridge makes an excellent location for secret shopping opportunities.

SmartCentres - Lethbridge

Your mystery shopping assignments can take you to wonderful shopping complexes like the massive SmartCentres - home to many large national chains including Walmart, Home Depot and Best Buy.

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