Mystery Shoppers Needed in Brantford, ON

Mystery shoppers in a mall

Get Paid to Shop & Dine

Evaluate & comment on customer service in retail stores, restaurants & various services in Brantford.

Get paid for your opinion - and enjoy free meals, free merchandise & free services.

Open to Canadian residents 18 and older. No experience required.

Mystery Shopping in Brantford

As a mystery shopper, your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of stores, restaurants and services in your area.

Hundreds of retail operations in and around Brantford are eagerly seeking new mystery shoppers to rate the service of their locations. All you have to do is spend a little time in their establishments then give your opinion of the service and you’ll be paid for your input.

Mystery shopper jobs range from retail stores and restaurants of every kind - to service, entertainment and hospitality-based operations such as movie theatres, grocery stores, gas stations, day spas, pizza delivery, hotels and much more.

You’ll be paid to shop and dine out - plus you can also get free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment and more. Secret shopping offers great pay, fun work and flexible schedules. No previous experience is required.

Historic downtown Brantford, ON

There’s more to mystery shopping in Brantford than just hitting the mall. Wonderful shopping and dining districts like Brantford's vibrant and historic downtown area can provide countless fun and interesting opportunities.

Interested in getting paid to shop?

Mystery Shopping Providers Canada can get you started. We specialize in connecting new shoppers with mystery shopping jobs in Brantford and area. Sign up today and you could be getting paid to shop and dine out tomorrow! Visit the link below to learn more.

Mystery shopping jobs are also available to residents of Brant, Paris, Saint George, Caledonia and more.

Lynden Park Mall - Brantford, ON

Mystery shoppers in Brantford can get paid to shop and dine in exciting locations like Lynden Park Mall. This splendid shopping centre is home to nearly 100 big name national retailers and services, including Food Basics, Winners, Sport Chek, Mark's, Montana’s Cookhouse and Swiss Chalet.

What do Alexander Graham Bell, Wayne Gretzky and Phil Hartman all have in common? They each called the Telephone City of Brantford, Ontario home at one time. Located on the scenic Grand River, Brantford is lively city of over 135,000 people living in the metropolitan region. The city is packed with history, culture, arts and entertainment - hosting more than 100 different events and festivals every year. Brantford also has a vibrant retail and service industry making it a great city for mystery shopping opportunities.

Mystery shoppers in Brantford enjoy a wide array of shopping choices from the big box stores in its many power centres like the Walmart Supercentre to the wonderful, climate controlled shopping in any of its popular malls like Lynden Park Mall or Brantford Mall or any number of unique shops, stores, services and eateries in the new and improved downtown area.

Add to this the great number of restaurants offering fine and casual dining in town plus the good volume of services like movie theatres, hotels & motels, spas, salons, grocery stores and much more and it’s easy to see why a mystery shopper job in Brantford can be a fun and exciting way to make money.

Walmart Supercentre - Brantford, ON

The commercial district that includes the Walmart Supercentre is rich with mystery shopping and dining job possibilities.

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