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Making the most of your mystery shopping income potential

Experienced mystery shoppers are always looking for ways to make to the most of their mystery shopping income potential. Time management plays a big role in this pursuit. The better use you make of your time - the more shopping jobs you can complete. And the more mystery shopping assignments you complete - the more money you make.

The best way to manage your time is to combine as many mystery shopping jobs together on the same day and to have them located as close together as possible. Shopping malls, power centres and shopping centres are ideal for this because they each house so many retailers, restaurants and varied services all in the same location.

Grouping assignments together like this is also a great way to make the smaller-paying mystery shopping jobs work in your favour. If you combine a few moderate-paying assignments into one trip - your hourly rate of pay goes up quite a bit compared to doing three or four $15 assignments individually.

In short, you can increase your income as a secret shopper by combining your shopping jobs on the same day and scheduling them based on their locations. The closer the shopping assignments, the better - and nothing beats having a number of assignments at different retailers in the same shopping centre or mall.

When you have scheduled several assignments on the same day, at the same shopping centre - it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the mall floor plan or shopping centre layout so you can plan the most efficient route and plan your schedule to maximize both your time and mystery shopping income.

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322 Major Market Malls and Shopping Centres in Canada

The following is a list of the most commonly mystery shopped malls and shopping centres in Canada. Visit the shopping centre websites in your area and learn about their floor plan, layout and hours of operation. You’ll be organized and prepared for your next assignments and your mystery shopper jobs will be worry free! This list is also useful for those mystery shoppers who love to travel and visit new towns and regions.

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