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Mystery Shoppers Needed in Richmond, BC - Secret shopping jobs available.

Hiring new mystery shoppers in Richmond for various retail and restaurant assignments.

Earnings up to $28.00 per Hour

Mystery shopping jobs open to Canadian citizens over the age of 18. No Experience Required.


8 New Mystery Shoppers Needed Today

Mystery Shopping in Richmond

Interested in a secret shopper job in Richmond? Shoppers Canada can get you started today.

We specialize in connecting new shoppers with mystery shopping jobs in Richmond. Through our extensive network of over 100 mystery shopping companies, you’ll have plenty of mystery shopping jobs to choose from every day!

o become a secret shopper, visit our registration page. You'll learn about our secret shopping companies, what kind of shopping jobs are available and how much you can make.

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Mystery shoppers in Richmond, BC can get paid to shop at great destinations like:

Lansdowne Centre
Richmond Centre
Terra Nova Shopping Centre
Ironwood Plaza
Coppersmith Corner
Aberdeen Centre
Continental Centre
Union Square
Ethen Centre
President Plaza
Parker Place
Yaohan Centre
Alexandra Road

And many more great mystery shopping locations in the greater Richmond area!


Mystery Shoppers in Richmond: Secret Shopping

With nearly 200,000 residents, Richmond, British Columbia is the the 4th biggest city in the province. Home of many high-tech industries, Richmond is rife with culture and diversity and is always a major draw with its gorgeous parks, historical attractions, fabulous arts and entertainment scene and outstanding shopping and dining opportunities (the city boasts roughly 400 Asian restaurants!). As more people make Richmond their hometown, the service and retail sectors continue to grow and flourish - making mystery shopping in Richmond a very prosperous industry.

In fact, mystery shopper jobs in Richmond have never been as plentiful. You can get paid to shop and dine at exciting and well-loved destinations like Lansdowne Centre and Richmond Centre as well as a myriad of other fantastic shopping centres and districts with their unique local shops and services. With its endless shops, services and entertainment options, amazing shopping centers and countless number of tremendous restaurants and dining choices - Richmond can’t be beat for diverse and entertaining secret shopper jobs!

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